Heating & Cooling Services

Heating & Cooling Services

Air Conditioning Design

Designing an Air Conditioning system can be a very complex process because every building is different. BDA Compliance Management can work out the most efficient and cost-effective Air Conditioning set-up to suit your requirements using the following process:

  • complete a site survey
  • determine the required heating and/or cooling load
  • recommend suitable units with the required capacity
  • identify the most practical and efficient positions for the units
  • quote for the installation (if necessary).

Heat Pump Design

Our heat pump system design services can reduce the carbon footprint of your business and dramatically improve the efficiency and running costs of your commercial heat pump system. All of our heat pump installations are expertly planned and tailored to your requirements of your business.

There are many variables in the initial design phase we consider to ensure your system performs efficiently and effectively:

  • Building usage, size, age, design, access, etc.
  • Number of occupants and location
  • Ventilation, infiltration, fabric heat gains and losses
  • Running costs and environmental impact
  • Internal and external plant location
  • Compliance with current regulations and legislation, including industry specific
  • Noise levels and acoustics
  • And much more.

Air Conditioning Inspection (TM44) Reports

In the UK, legislation requires that building owners or managers perform regular inspections of air conditioning systems if the total output is 12 kW or above (this includes the combined total of individual air conditioning units). Air Conditioning Inspection (TM44) is affected by the rated capacity of the air conditioning system rather than the size and type of building. Therefore, it applies to all domestic, commercial and public properties.

BDA Compliance Services can perform and supply Air Conditioning Inspection reports (TM44) and once carried out, a report is generated which provides recommendations to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning systems. The report also contains information about changes or alterations in the way the system is maintained and operated or recommendations on new or replacement system.

Our Air Conditioning Inspection (TM44) reports can help reduce energy bills of a property and also improve its energy rating.

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